Packaging & Logistics

Plant packaging

Pruning is one of the main and most important jobs within an ornamental nursery.

We try to keep the natural shape of the trees so that once rooted in the pot, the customer can enjoy a finished and natural plant from the moment zero.

We apply specialized pruning practices, both manual and mechanical. Sealing and blocking treatments are used as well to prevent trees from suffering and dehydrating during their transplantation.

The function of the pruner is important to the point that it must create a natural tree. It will then be transported by road within the dimensions of the trucks and allowing us to include the maximum of units.

The packaging of these new plants must be extremely careful. Their skin is quite tender and many damages can be caused.

Logistics and transportation

Our team will organize and advice you about the best and most convenient way of transport for your selected plants.

We have experience in air, sea and land loadings. It is possible to be delivered whether you are Indonesia, Singapur, China…We can manage your full container load (FLC) or groupage shippings and less-than-container load (LCL) freight worldwide.

One of the most important things is to respect the phytosanitary requirements of each country. We ensure and manage all documentation, including phytosanitary controls, providing our customers with every legal certificate.

The preparation of loadings is a very important moment. We must guarantee that the plants arrive to our customers in the very same conditions they have seen them in our nursery. Plants are packed and prepared with specific packing systems in order to maintain the perfect conditions of product during the travel


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