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In Plantas Mediterraneas we know that we work with a live product that needs the best care so that our client receives it in exceptional conditions. Our experienced team has a wealth of horticultural knowledge which is applied in all processes to obtain always the best result.

Likewise, our production strictly follows the procedures of fumigation, irrigation and pruning adapted to each type of plant. In this way, we can guarantee our customers that our products have the health and the quality they expect.

In Plantas Mediterraneas our production is our best representative; therefore we use all our resources to achieve the excellence.

Millennial Olive Tree
Millennial Olive Tree


Nowadays, it is essential to be connected with all parts of the world. That’s why we work every day: to improve our service beyond our borders. That eagerness to make quality our emblem has led us to work in more than 15 countries and continue to expand season after season our network of international customers.

We take care of the packing and preparation of the selected plants, we manage the transport (by land or by sea) adjusting to the needs and budget of our clients and we follow them up to their destination. Our customers have just to relax and wait to receive their order in the best conditions.
Likewise, from our company we follow all the legal and environmental requirements stipulated by the authorities so that the plant always travels with the required documentation.
If you would like to know more about our packaging and logistics processes, please visit our “Packaging and Logistics” section.


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