About us

Plantas Mediterraneas was born in Elche by the Anton Family with the dream and enthusiasm to carry out a project that exceeded the expectations of our customers.

The Phoenix Dactylifera palm variety, a benchmark in our city, was responsible for starting the company’s trajectory. This and other varieties of typical palm trees of the Mediterranean climate, began to be commercialized and distributed throughout the Spanish territory during the 90’s decade.

In a short time, we increased our production introducing varieties such as olive trees, citrus, cactus, shrubs and green plants. What distinguished us from the competition was that we started preparing all our plants in pots. This detail allows us maintain an optimal quality of the plants and send them to our customers in extraordinary conditions.

After establishing ourselves in the Spanish market, we decided to make the leap to Europe with a smaller and more commercial product. Looking to offer the most natural and appropriate option to our new customers, we started our own production that has reached 110 hectares and which we continue to expand year after year.

The values ​​of quality, service and customer advice applied in this project from the beginning, prevail in our productions of palm trees, Mediterranean plants and shrubs. Our main objective is for our customers to know and enjoy nature through our plants. We invite you to know our facilities and discover our “Mediterranean oasis”.


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