Mediterranean plants nursery

We are producers of Mediterranean trees and ornamental plants.

Our Stamp

We know that we work with a live product that needs the best care so that our customers receive it in exceptional conditions.

Garden Design

Our specialized team will review the technical and aesthetic requirements of your project in order to offer you a realistic proposal that meets your needs.


We will advise you on the best and most convenient means of transport for the plants you have selected. We have experience in air, sea and land cargo.


We treat each project with a unique approach and innovative thinking.

We have unique specimens brought from all over the world so that our customers can enjoy a wide range of products without leaving our nursery.

The processes of pruning, irrigation, fumigation and pest analysis are carried out in accordance with the conditions of the plant itself, but also with the environment.

The preparation of loads is a crucial moment as we must ensure that the goods arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

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Under these lines you can see all the varieties of Mediterranean plant:


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